CS 7931: Deep Learning Seminar

Instructors: Vivek Srikumar and Dustin Webb

When: Wednesdays, 01:25 PM-02:45 PM

Where: MEB 3147


Date Topic Student presenter/Paper Title Scribe
2015-08-26 Logistics and Machine Learning Basics N/A N/A
2015-09-02 Machine Learning Basics: Neural networks N/A N/A
2015-09-09 Representation Learning Michael Matheny Nicolas Bertagnolli
2015-09-16 Restricted Boltzmann Machines (RBMs) Soumya Smruti Mishra Mike Tanana
2015-09-23 Autoencoders (AEs) Nicolas Bertagnolli Michael Matheny
2015-09-30 Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) Danny Perry Soumya Smruti Mishra
2015-10-07 Convolutional Neural Networks (continued) Guineng Zheng Nipun Gunawardena
2015-10-14 Fall Break N/A N/A
2015-10-21 Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) Mike Tanana Sam Leventhal
2015-10-28 Long-short Term Memory (LSTM) Sam Leventhal Danny Perry
2015-11-04 Recursive Neural Networks (RNNs - unfortunately) Jie Cao Guineng Zheng
2015-11-11 Training Deep Models Nipun Gunawardena Open
2015-11-18 Optimization for deep learning Hang Shao Jie Cao
2015-11-25 No class
2015-12-02 Advanced Topics / Requested Topics / Buffer Open Open
2015-12-09 Summary N/A N/A


We will have a collection of papers and tutorials associated with each of the lecture topics. Here are some materials that are more broad in their coverage.


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